Tuesday, May 25, 2010

nail polish haul: China Glaze - Poolside collection

My China Glaze, Poolside collection, nail polishes arrived! Yay!Maybe I was busy with something else, but I thought they arrived really fast!? (^_^*\) I ordered them from Js Beauty Shop on eBay and the prices and shipping cost were very affordable (a bargain even, especially to Europe). I plan to get one more nail polish soon, this Chanel nail polish dupe called "for Audrey". But anyway.... the Poolside colleciton is REALLY NEON. (*0*)

OMG, the photos don`t show it at all, those colors are so neon they literally POKE you in the eyes if you look a second too long! xD Crazy! I feel like they are safer for pedicure, because my toenails are further away from my eyes than my finger nails, so the eye poking won`t be so strong (I think, but I`m no rocket scientists, lol). The finish of those nail polishes is matte and they are really really crazy bright neon colors, the photos don`t show that at all. Imagine what you see in the photos but brightness times 3. :o

The color names are cute too, this is bright neon pink, called Pool Party. The most obvious color, super bright neon pink. Would look really great with darker skin tones too~ (*_*)

Flip Flop Fantasy, which is a super bright coral/orange color, kind of makes me think of that "toxic, do not touch" warning color? I have it on my nails now and I literally feel like it can be seen from 100 meters away... So bright it`s crazy! 

Towel Boy Toy, love the name, the least neon of all those colors, also has a bit of pearl shine to it. Not as bright as the first too, but still bright and cute!

Oh, looks completely different than this photo (=_=) It`s much brighter and neon! this is called Kiwi Cool-ada and I will be definitely using it a lot!

This color is called Sun Worshiper and it`s a neon yellowish orange, very pretty and original color! I will give it a try. I didn`t order the 6th one from this collection because it is too yellow for me and I rarely wear yellow on my nails, I jsut don`t like it too much. But this is tangerine color, so I`ll give it a try!

I have the Flip Flop Fantasy on my nails now, with a top coat from INGLOT and so far it lasted a day and a half without any chipping or problems. I think those colors would be great for pedicures! And if you keep your outfit monotone, like I often do, it would also look great as a point color on your nails! And if you like neon, you must get this, I cannot stress how crazy neon those are. xD I find that 2 layers are enough and they are opaque, 3 layers would also work.

love it or hate it, they are neon and I can not capture it in photos :/

And I feel rather poop-y recently, but here`s a mobile phone photo of me:
Why exactly are those wide t-shirts with funky sleeves called dollman t-shirts? If that also the name for them in english? I am wearing a cool black and white t-shirt like that from a nice korean brand Codes Combine. This was me leaving for work around 8am!


  1. I have the flip flop fantasy as well, neon colours are crazy! But I like them ^_^

  2. Gorgeous nail haul:DLove the colour your wearing on your nails.

  3. Lovely nail polishes! I really like the blue and green ones~