Saturday, March 13, 2010

My MAC collection - march 2010

Since I got my dazzleglasses and I will not be buying any cosmetics `till April, I thought it would be fun to make a collection post. This will be my MAC cosmetics collection, here`s everything I own!

Here a couple thoughts about MAC. I don`t have much MAC cosmetics, obviously! ;) I really like what I have though and buy only things I will really use a lot. I don`t think there is a point in collecting cosmetics just for the sake of collection them, I want to use them, wheter it`s a limited edition, or not, if I ain`t going to use it, I just won`t buy it. ;) I`m not really convinced I need their eyeshadows, I prefer either high brands for almost the same price or japanese eyeshadows, `cause they are very good and I am influenced by gyaru magazines. ;D (But if there is a must-have MAC eyeshadow let me know! I will check it out.) I have many blushes, so I don`t think I need more from MAC... Uhmm, I will be getting makeup done by MAC makup artist, so we`ll see if I like sth then, but I do have hots for their fake lashes... I also want to try the moisturising compact foundation spf15 (why so low? more spf please!). I really like the lip liner pencils from Too Fabulous collection, but they are so expensive here! The only thing I know I will be getting for sure from MAC in the future is Viva Glam lipsctick Gaga (and maybe Cindy).

With the disclaimers done, here`s my MAC collection. Which I love. ^^*

I think this is all the MAC stuff I own. ^^

Face stuff: MSF Porcelain Pink and two blushes from Spring Colour Forecast collection (from march 2010), Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach and Azalea Blossom! I love all of them, and I`ve been using blush ombres every day since I bought them and I use the MSF on the C line to just highlight my cheekbone and brow bone. :D

This is my Select Moisturecover concealer in NC20, which I came to really like after a while. It gives a reasonable coverage and has a nice powdery finish and the color works really well with my skintone. I like to carry it around in my bag for touch ups when I go out, it works great and looks so natural! :3 (It saved my life and good mood once, when surprise snow storm melted my mascara and turned me into a panda... D: Thanks Select Moisturecover! ;) The small containers are MAC pigment samples. I bought them from a trusted seller after consulting girls from an online forum, so I am 100% sure they are original (hate buying fakes and refuse to!). After testing them I can say I`m not a big pigment fan, but at least I tried them and now I know. ;) I got: push the edge, kitschmas, melon, lovely lily, milk (from Hello Kitty collection), naked, pink bronze and golden lemon pigments. My favorite was definitely naked! Great as a base or jsut for a super natural look, slightly shimmery nudy color = really lovely. But I still wouldn`t buy a full size, I`d never use it up. :o And the black jar is MAC gel eyeliner, in Blacktrack. Ooooh, I love it! When you get used to gel liners, they are fast and easy to use! (I also like to line my water line with it when I`m wearing fake lashes!) I use a Missha eyeliner brush with it.

This photo is out of focus, sorry. Lip stuff from MAC! ^^* Two dazzleglasses, Moth to Flame and Baby Sparks, which is actually a re-buy. And my nudy lipstick! Creme Cup, Myth and Siss! :D Looooove them all and especially Myth looks wicked with dazzleglasses! :D Soon Gaga will join them. :3

So, that is my small MAC collection! Maybe I should do an update in 6 months and see how it changes. If you have any comments or advice, let me know! v^^*


  1. YOu have a lovely collection! I've never seen pigment samples in those kinds of containers before!

  2. Thank you!
    The seller probably chose containers like this, because I really bought just a tiny amount of each pigment. :)