Tuesday, March 23, 2010

new: Sigma brushes

Other than the Viva Glam lipsticks I am sticking to my no (cosmetics) buy march, yay! But since I buy a lot of things online, orders from February are still arriving! This actually arrived a good couple days ago, but I was a bit busy, so I'm writing now.
I ordered the Face Kit Brushes from Sigma makeup. Honestly I think doing your makeup with brushes makes a HUGE difference! So it's worth investing in them, especially because they can last you years if you take good care of them. Anywhoo... I had just a random mix of some brushes from everywhere, and I thought it's time to start getting a nice collection! And actually I was only interested in face brushes now, honestly. So I got the face kit. Here's how it arrived:

very nicely packed and had leaflets about all their brushes

The Face Kit consists of:
- SS150 big powder brush
- SS190 flat liquid foundation brush
- SS 187 Duo Fiber brush (for foundations, blushes, etc. also called Skunk brush)
- SS168 Angled blush Brush
- SS194 Concealer Brush
I also got an eyeshadow brush as an extra gift, the promotion is still on their website, everyone gets it.

They really came in great packaging and they looked great. I won't make a full review just yet, because I've only been using them for a week or so, but so far I think they are rather good value for the money - not expensive at all. I am rarely using the concealer brush, because when I'm using concealer I just pat it into my skin with my fingers and the foundation flat brush is a bit small. I also have Missha flat foundation brush and it's a bit bigger, I dunno I guess I got used to it. Smaller one takes more time. I like the big size and softness of the powder brush, use it everyday! I also love loooove the angled blush brush! It's natural goat bristles and it's angled so it fits face's curves perfectly and is soooo soft and applies just a little bit of blush, so you can do a really super natural blush with this one. Of course you can apply more too if you want, I'm saying, it's practically impossible to harm yourself with this brush! If I could only get one brush, I would get this one! The duo fiber brush is really great for stippling on foundation. I was curious about stippling brushes for a while now and I got this one, tested it and now I'm thinking about getting another stippling brush! I like this one too, but I think it should be more dense!  The extra gift brush is very soft and cute, I like it.
Now there are some repeating complains in reviews, so I'll tell you how the brushes were for me. The ones I got don't shed a lot, except the big powder brush.... it sheds 4-6 hairs eveytime I use it and it's irritating as I'm finishing makeup with a bit of powder and I have to pick those brush hair of my face... D: But I guess, it will stop soon..? The other brushes don't shed at all. I washed them and the Duo Fibre brush bled a bit - when I washed it (with baby shampoo) and squeezed it to drain the water, it was gray, like the black bristles were losing color... :o So I dunno, this probably shouldn't be happening, but I like the Skunk brush a lot anyway! The stippling method really looks nice and it's so good for cream and powder blushes as well, because the white bristles are so soft. :D

So, that is my kind od initial impressions review. If you have any questions hit me and if you have those or other Sigma brushes (or other brushes), what would you recommend? Or what I should I stay away from?

You can buy those brushes here:

BTW, I ordered 2 x JELLY, Happie Nuts, Scawaii and BLENDA. XDDD Cured addiction my a**, lol.


  1. Looking forward to your review =) !!

  2. I'm really glad you decided to review these brushes! I've been thinking about replacing my current foundation brush with a skunk one, either by Sigma or MAC. The Sigma one is such a bargain! X3333

  3. Yeah, the skunk brush really made a big impresion on me! This one is really affordable and good to kind of try out if this type of brush would work for you. But I do wish it was more dense, I will go and molest MAC brushes to see if there is a big difference. :)
    Glad to help!
    I will try to make another post about hose brushes when I use them longer :D