Friday, March 12, 2010

Manicure: asphalt & violet nails

I like to add some kind of a back story or narration to most thing I do, so here is a back story to my manicure. (lol) Imagine a space/road just filled with asphalt, so gray and monotone. And then, a small violet flower, growing through a crack in the asphalt~ Doesn`t this sound lovely and don`t you think those colors would look nice together? xD 

And here is my manicure, I also used Sally Hansen maximum growth conditioner as base and top coat. ;D I did one layer of Recycle (China Glaze) and one layer or this nice light violet, from Selene, which is a random 1$ per bottle nail polish here in Poland.

And that`s all. xD


  1. thank you for always commenting! ^^*

  2. haha cool ! I mix some colous too sometiomes, but it´s mostly the same like dark pink with bright pink, it´looks really nice ^^b