Friday, March 19, 2010

new: MAC Viva Glam Gaga & Cindi

So here`s what I broke my no-buy-march resolution for....( ̄_ ̄ i)
MAC Viva Glam lipsticks in Lady Gaga and Cindi Lauper! At least it`s for a good cause... right?? Here are my photos and swatches and I love both those lipsticks! They will be available for 1 year. ♡

The lipstick boxes have artists` signatures on them and the lipstick tubes have red deco.

Gaga and Cindi (click to zoom)

Time for swatches!
Right is only one sweep, left is heavier application, as you can see the color os completely buildable, from very sheer to very covering.

Swatches on lips. (I only put my skincare routine and some bb cream on my face, so my skin is shiny, but it`s not oil! I hope you are not disgusted! xD) The color made me think of summer and drinking sangria. It`s a red, but hmm like coral-red and a very natural one, as if you drank some sangria and the wine in it stained your lips a bit, kind od red. If you are not used to wearing red (like me), this would be a very good lipstick to start experimenting imo, as you can wear it very sheer and make it more intensive if you feel like it. ^^ Clickable photos. My natural lip color, one layer of Cindi and a couple layers of Cindi:

And now Gaga. Just one layer and then a couple layers. The pinkis so light and pale and pink-blueish in tone my camera changes the whole color settings xD But I hope you can see? (I`ll try to take a better photo!) I love this color!!! It`s like a plastic Barbie lips pink! And the lipsticks are LUSTRE finish, so they start from sheer and then you can build up and they have a glossy finish, they reflect the light nicely and basically you don`t really need a glos over them for a delicate shine. And they are soft like butter and it feels great on the lips. But at the same time, because they are so soft and glide on so easily, it`s easy to get excited and  apply it all over you face instead of your lips... xD (happened to me, it just glides on xD). So, no excited application, please. ;D The color is lovely!!

And an update on my current MAC lipsticks collection, love them all and use them in rotation! :D I also got my Sigma brushes face kit, and I will do a review on them after I use them for a while. The first impression is very good. After washing some of them got a bit frizzy, but nothing too dramatic. I brushed them and they are fine. Will update you on that soon~ (^ε^)♪


  1. uuh very nice lippstick!
    thanks fot the showing! :D

  2. They both look lovely on you, I hope you enjoy them! :)

  3. I feel silly saying this, but you have lovely lips for lipstick. I always feel a bit silly wearing it. Although that Cindi color is pretty, thanks for showing them especially the layering idea <3

  4. Thank you girls ^^*

    @Mitsu, actually I never wore lipstick at all, until spring/summer last year xD Only lipgloss and I felt weird about lipsticks. xD But then I was seeing MAC's Myth all over the models (ageha, Jelly, HN, Popteen, Ranzuki, everywhere!) and I bought it and surprisingly, I loved it! xD Since then I've been using lipstick practically everyday, I love it :3 They have different finishes and feel differen on lips, you can top them with lipgloss, ah, so cute xD I hope you find a lipstick you will fall in love with. :)