Monday, March 29, 2010

random FOTD and notes

I got to host an event yesterday and I was on stage in front of 200+ people and it was lots of fun! I don`t get stressed out by situations like this at this, especially when I know what I`m talking about, and this time I knew for sure. xD

Anyway, I wore fake lashes of course, the cross&volume type from eBay (what a deal!! 3$ for 10 pairs! And I love them!), Missha Oriental Herbs BB cream and Visee A-2 eyeshadow palette and MAC Azalea Blossom blush! :D My hair is no longer purple luckily, as the dye that caused the accident wasn`t permanent, phew!!

I ordered Estee Lauder`s Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex eye cream. I was promising myself a good eye cream for a while and decided to go with this one. I hope it works for me! You can read more about it here. We used to have this cream at home already and I liked it, but it was a long time ago and I this time bought my own. I mostly hope it will moisturize and help the dark circles which are really bad some days and help prevent wrinkles. I don`t want wrinkles yet!! D: I almost want to cry when I see girls my age (25) or younger with wrinkles from tanning or smoking or whatnot.

Other notes: The Vitacreme B12 cream is really working soo good imo!! It brightened my blemishes and after acne red marks and I really feel happier about my skin! Get it!!  I need to buy a gel eyeliner and eyeliner brush, can you recomend sth good? Also, Hadabisei sheet masks (blue and red) are really nice! lalalalalaaa

Keep your fingers crossed for me please, as I have one thing I really want to go well today!!!!!

PS. If you have free time read this page, I`ve been enjoying it lately~


  1. I heard that eyecream is a really good one! I`m jealous, I want to try it :)

    Your makeup looks so pretty. How do you like the BBcream? I have been thinking of getting one but I am afraid it won`t match my skin color. Did you find yours to blend well and not wash you out?

  2. I will write a review when I get it! My mom had it a coulpe years ago along with the face serum and I used to try it out from time to time xD

    I really like this bb cream but it doesn't give the super natural effect, the finish is hmm dewy but matte and it has good goverage. Some other bb creams are more like tinted moisturizers, but not this one, I like that about it. The color is light and a tiny bit pink ish to balance out the yellow in korean girls' skin, I guess? I'm thinking about buying shade #2 of this bbcream .

    Oh, actually, you know what! They ahd this promotion on japanese missha website, where you could buy sample size (still pretty big though) of this bb cream for 500yen a tube! So you can try out both shades for cheap and do your makeup like Kumikki x3