Monday, March 1, 2010

I gave in... :3 MAC blush ombre ♡ & NO BUY MARCH resolution!

Gah! I went to MAC and bought Azalea Blossom quickly before it sold out, after all! I know I would regret it if I didn`t get it, and everybody wants it, so in case I didn`t like it I could always swap it... BUT! Naaaah, I`ll never swap it! xDD I LOVE it! (*_*) Ripe Peach is soooo pretty, but Azalea Blossom is heavenly... amazing... \(*0*)/

So. Here are my blush ombres and I`m going on a NO BUY MARCH. This means no buying cosmetics, makeup and so on, until April! : P And this is a great idea, because in April Viva Glam lipsticks Gaga and Cindy will be released here, so I can save up and buy some nice clothes too, finally. : ) I like shopping online, so since I have a couple things yet to arrive, I will be posting about them in march. : ) And maybe finally I will be able to do a post about fake lashes I like. : )

left to right: ripe peach and azalea blossom

MAC`s ♡ ripe peach ♡

original ripe peach ;)))

MAC`s ♡ azalea blossom ♡
the vintage grape you can see in this photo is not mine, just looking ; )

original azalea ;D


  1. i love my azalea blossom too!!!!!!!!! its such a pretty and unique color<3

  2. I love these blush ombres, they're so pretty!

  3. We didn't even get those, I think x_x and if they ever got to my local MAC store, they were sold out in a few days or something, just like the Cyndi Lauper Viva Glam lipstick I wanted that's sold out too ;__;

  4. Viva Glam lispticks should be available for one year, so ask them when they restock and you can get yours then! :D
    But those blushes are limited collection and sold out really fast! :o