Friday, March 5, 2010

Fashion inspiration: Matsumoto Ena

I`m still sick... *sigh* I like winter, but what we have here now is this transitional period, it`s neither winter nor spring and one day it`s sunny and lovely and the next the weather goes back to snow, cloudy and cold. So I like winter, but I want it to be spring already, not something in between. (Yes it`s march and it`s still snowing here in Poland, sigh!) 

Anyway, here is my latest fashion inspiration. I think her style is so beautiful, trendy and cool. My style icon: Matsumoto Ena! I think she used to be a model at Vivi magazine and now she has her own brand EMODA and is an independent model. I don`t really dress like her now, but would really love to, and I`m making notes for spring shopping basing on her looks. ^^* 

She rocks the head scarf, I want to try it too! The girls on the left and right are dressed fierce too! And the red lipsticks! *love*

There is a lot of monotone in Ena`s coordinates, her brand EMODA is also advertised as モードギャル, so it`s classy, simple and up to date. On the right of Ena is Akane Suda, a model from Happie Nuts, whom I also admire for her great style! Anyway, look at some earlier photos from Ena`s blog, I just  love her style!

The hair! And she wrote 似合わないなんて気にしない!, which means "I don`t care if it doesn`t suit me", which is a great motto, fashion should be fun and if you wear sth that doesn`t suit your image, but you want to wear it, it will start to suit you, just wear what you like and be confident and have fun <3 Another motto I like is "Fake it `till you make it!".

Flawless skin and makeup = inspiration!

Here is Ena`s blog: And here is Akane`s blog:
Who are your fashion inspiration at the moment?? 


  1. Sooo pretty *_* I want my skin to look as flawless *laugh*

    My fashion inspiration is Dita von Teese at the moment, 'cause I've started following a blog of pictures of her and I drool over her style! My complexion is pretty similar so it's good for reference :D

  2. that's an awesome motto!! i need to remember it, seriously~~ they seem so awesome~

  3. ah I wanted to comment to this for some days already @__@

    thanks for pointing her blog out to us! I was wondering for some days what is was all about that new emoda store that so many of the gals who's blog I read were talking about. haha.

    I'll be checking her blog regularly from now on <3
    even more inspiration for the headscarf trend wohooo!!