Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sheet mask experience

I need to moisturize my skin a lot and face masks really help that. But I just can`t be bothered with the wash off masks and I actually can not use peel off masks, so I only invest in sheet masks. They are super popular in Asia and there are many brands to try from Japan, Korea, etc. You can get them from eBay! Surprisingly, there are not so many of them here in Europe... 

Anywhoo, sheet mask ranking goes like this (as of 2010.02.20):
#1 Hadabisei, Uruoi shintou mask (super moisturizing)
#2 Versailles no Bara, Oscar & Rosalie mask
#3 Hadabisei, Uruoi shintou mask - whitening
#4 Electore, Physical Science Electore face treatment (expensive! 100g; 5,880円 / 200g; 9,870円)
#5 SKII, Facial treatment mask ( 6 masks, 9,975円)

So since I love sheet masks, I decided to pick up the two Hadabisei masks from top 3! ^^ I got them from eBay and they arrived in a week~ There is 25ml of moisturising lotion in every sheet mask package, that`s a lot compared to some other sheet masks I`ve tried and I like that. I got the super moisturising one (red) and moisturising/whitening one (blue)! On the right my Hadalabo sheet masks which I loved, ahh, sooo moisturizing - they made my skin shine! (If you don`t have super dry skin use it at night!)

The Hadabisei masks came a bit crushed (the cardboard boxes), but they were coming from Hong Kong in CNY season, so I forgive... ;)
The red ones are OK, the sheet feel really thick and it`s not smooth. The blue one is great though, smooh and full of the moisturising lotion! :D Gokujun mask is still my favorite, but second place goes to blue Hadabisei and third to the red one.

I also ordered Natto masks from Beauty Diary brand. I would love to eat natto, I know it`s good and healthy, but I can`t buy it where I live. And if they put all the good things from natto into a sheet mask... must have for me! xD I heard it doesn`t smell like natto, which is ...too bad! I would actually put it on my face. xD Also ordered the 22 masks economical pack of Kose moisturising mask with Q10 coenzyme and they just arrived too. ^^* (There is a nice selection and if I like this one I`ll get more from Kose)
Anywhoo, I will try more and more sheet masks! Do you have any recommendations?


  1. I am super glad you are reviewing sheet masks, as I recently have started trying some too. My last was "Marie Antoinette" moisturizing type and I really enjoyed it. I also have a red sheet mask by the same company but haven't used it yet.

    I definitly want to try out the Hadabsei moisture and whitening masks you have. I have seen them around and been curious. ^_^

  2. I will surely post more about sheet masks! This blog is part just a note book for me, so I write down what I thought of different cosmetics to remember better and when people find it helpful I am really happy :D
    (I saw your LJ and the bento looks delicious!)

    I reallt liked the blue (whitening) Hadabisei mask! I think I will definitely re-purchase this one. My natto sheet masks seem to be lost somewhere, I never got it, boohoo... will order more when my no buy march is ever! :3