Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New issues of magazines I love, JELLY and Happie Nuts ^^

I used to be soo addicted to Ageha xD I got every issue and shipping from Japan to Europe is not cheap! :I And finally I cured my addiction, I was able to settle for online scans, I was so happy, but instead of completely curing myself, I just moved on into another addiction! xDD Now I buy every issue of Happie nuts and JELLY.... (=_=') But half of the time I ask my friends in Japan to send them to me, it's not that bad money-wise. And the magazines are pure love~ But this month I'm also tempted to buy Blenda and SCawaii, because they have my Miliyah on the cover.... ;)
Anyway, here are the new covers for may issues of Happie Nuts and Jelly, out today in Japan! ^^*

I love this HN cover! So simple and cute and sexy! Perfectly in HN's style! 

Hippie lookin' Maichi Mori Maya on the cover of JELLY. I've seen better, but inside is probably great, like always!

Are you getting any new magazines this month? Tomorrow new Ranzuki will be out and Vivi on the 20th and then all the rest on 1st. :)
BTW, I broke my no-buy-march resolution! I was tempted by MAC's Viva Glam lipsticks, I got both Gaga and Cindi and I love them... cause I was afraid they would sell out and then I would have to wait forever for my store to restock. But I will not buy any cosmetics 'till April now, I swear.
Also I had a hair dyeing accident and now my hair is gray-violet in a couple places instead of blonde, LOL!!! Need to go to the hair dresser or re-dye them myself soon. xD It's not really too visible, but I can see it. xD Oh well...  Anyway, I will post about Viva Glam lipsticks, but on the weekend, I have a new baito and other stuff on my shoulders, so I'm pretty busy!

BTW, here's a super cute dress from Scawai!
I want the whole outfit!


  1. I like jelly's cover..maybe because i love hippie style! <3

  2. Wah, I totally get what you mean about magazine addictions! Instead I get EGG every month and alternate between Jelly, Nuts, & Ageha. D: It's so costly but I feel more inspired when I have the mags on hand. :D

    I love the new covers! Btw, I think it's Mori Maya on the cover, not Maichi :X I always get those two mixed up too though XD

  3. Totally agree! Give me that outfit, it's amazing! Those cowboy boots are so cute *_*

  4. Véronique Eve"☆
    Haha, I know, gimme maxi dresses with flower print! XD I want a hippie summer :3

    Oups, you`re right! xD I shouldn`t be posting from work, mistakes like this happen ^^; I just placed an order for JELLY *2, Happie Nuts, Scawaii and Blenda xDDDD I use the excuse that I only order once every 2 months... lol

    I am going shopping soon, can`t wait! I hope I can find thing this cute here! ZARA, H&M, TOPSHOP, I`m counting on you! xD

  5. Do you know a lipstick color that is close to the lipstick they used for HN cover? I'm in love with it!

  6. Hi!
    I didn`t know myself, so I had to ask the all knowing girls at specktra and they said it may be sth like MAC`s
    Fresh Brew
    Velvet Teddy
    "with some kind of gloss over it" :D
    I asked here: