Friday, March 26, 2010

want: Vivi 2010.05 issue!

So I've just ordered two JELLY issues, may Happie Nuts, Blenda and SCawaii, but... turns out I want even more magazines now! I want the new Vivi with hamasaki Ayumi on the cover!

Not only is it full of gorgeous spring clothes, but they also throw in this cuuuute little bag as a present!

ZOMG, that's adoribssss <33 8D
And they have my favourite Vivi model Marie all over this issue this time~ I love Marie! :D She looks great in her new hair color! She looks great in anything actually. 8D I love those fringe open toe boots! (*_*)

That's character!
So yeah, I think I will be definitely getting this one way or another. And the second magazine I really want to buy, mostly in hopes to be shocked and amazed, is EGG Beauty, Spring 2010 issue! It comes out 2 times a year and is mostly full of super detailed makeup instructions. And not just some makeup, crazy EGG gyaru makeup, that will take you like 2 hours and make you look like... well, like egg gyarus look! xD

With Kanako grinning like The Cheshire Cat on the cover lol
Ah, what's inside, curious & got to know! 8D
*and now back to work*


  1. Love Your blog Madachan! <3 Too cute <3

  2. Gosia, when my magazines arrive I'm invinting you to read them together :D Thanksss & hugs <3