Sunday, March 7, 2010

OCC lip tars review: Hush & Anime

So!!! I`m so excited about this! xD

actually I have hush on my lips in this photo ^^*

Two days ago my lip tars I ordered from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics arrived! I ordered Hush, which OCC describes as "PALE, ANTIQUE BRIDAL PINK" and Anime, which is "INTENSELY NEON PINK-FUSCHIA". I saw many reviews at youtube and since they are mixable, I though I could use Hush and Anime straight from the tube and then also mix them for many shades of pink lipstick! :D

hush straight from the tube (this color is a light powdery pink with a bit of beige in it, absolutely wearable on it`s own for a beige-pink-ish nude lips!)

hush mixed with a little bit of anime (*0*)/

Anime straight from the tube! (my makuep resolution for 2010 is do bold lips, so I will rock this color on it`s own! :D But add some Hush and it will still be a super bright pink, but a bit toned down... ah I love the mixing possibilities!)

My review. Those colors are insane! They apply exactly like the color you can see in the tube, full coverage, no sheer finish, they are not joking! They are neither lipstick nor lipgloss in consistency, I mean the lip tars stay really long on lips (and anime actually stains them too), but have a bit of a glossy finish, they are not 100% matte. But they are not touch proof, it feels like they never completely dry and sink into your lips, they are always a bit fluid, so you will leave lipsticks marks on glasses when you drink and anything that touches your lips - clothes, fingers, etc. They work very nice with normal lipglosses - vivid color and a sparkly finish = love! But, thay do feel drying. At least on me, and I have dry skin. I always have to moisturise my lips, then put the lip tar on and a gloss on top helps too. Just lip tar on it`s own is too drying for me. 
Oh, another thing people might like about it is, it`s completely vegan! And the tubes can seem small, but looking at the amount I use on my lips (a tiny bit) I don`t know if I`ll ever use it al up! Overall, I think they are insane and I love them! :D I am on a no-buy march, so maybe in April or later, I will order more colors and have fun mixing them! It`s not that expensive (12,50usd for one tube) and it will last you ages and you can mix your own colors, which is amazing! (I mixed a pink and I store it in an old contact lens container I cleaned!)

Anyway, DL;DR version:
Pros: amazing colors; 100% coverage; you can mix the colors all you want; stay on the lips very long; completely vegan product; great size for the price; etc.
Cons: you must apply with a lip brush; stains everything your lips touch, doesn`t completely dry, feels a little bit dry on the lips;

FOTD! Missha Oriental Herbs BB cream, Etude House glitter eyeshadow, eyeliner with waterproof pencil and Majolica eyeliner and a custom pink lipstick I made with Hush ad Anime! :DDD

And as you know, pink lips are popular for spring!

Oh, I`m having internet problems at home so I may not be able to respond to comments right away! m(._.)m

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