Saturday, February 27, 2010

China Glaze - Recycle (nail polish)

Matte and gray nail polishes appeared a lot in magazines some time ago, and I really liked then, but somehow never had a chance to get one! It doesn`t help they weren`t too popular here in Poland neither. But recently I got the one I wanted from eBay ;) It`s China Glaze nail polish in Recycle!


no flash

I feel like this color is darker in reality, and it has some blue-ish undertones and just looks hm, muddy! And all this sums up to a very interesting color I enjoy everyday recently. Even my mom said it`s a cute color, and it was quite surprising, that my older mom aproves and even likes a color like this for nails. Yay for my mom & yay for china glaze`s recycle! 
I am so getting their Pool Side nail polishes! >:D


  1. Mmm the color is interesting for sure. It looks kinda dull to me like that but when im trying to imagine it with a nice outfit it pleases me more. Though its weird if its spring now and they have that in mags coz gray feels more like a fall fashion :D

  2. It could clash with all pastel/floral print coordinates, but if you dress rather monotone (or with one or two colors only) it would still look great any season :D Anywhoo, it just arrived, so I have to play more with it, but so far I like it! (but I like unusual nail colors, blues and greens :3)

  3. THis looks lovely on you! I just bought this recently myself but haven't gotten around to trying it yet. I am excited to! :)