Monday, February 1, 2010

WANT! Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!

I just need to share my recent *want* brand! It`s...
☆☆☆ Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics ☆☆☆

I looove their range of colors and innovative and a bit strange cosmetics and colors! I also like that they are 100% vegan and animal friendly! From their website:
"In a time when many cosmetic companies make the claim that their products are "Cruelty Free" simply because Animal Testing has become less cost-effective, OCC felt it was necessary to raise the bar on this issue. We pledge not to use Animal-Derived Ingredients (including Lanolin, Beeswax, Carmine, etc.) in our products, ever. We simply believe that it's unnecessary, since there are alternatives that are just as readily available, and equally effective in the formulation of our products."

Sounds good to me OCC! ☆

I am most curious about their nail polishes and lip products... omg, the lip products!!!! (*___*) Just take a look here, at Girly-show blog, to see al the amazing things there are to buy and mix. I must definitely get a couple products when I have some spare money, they look amazing!! And OCC ships international, yay! Some more wonderful eyecandy:

all photos are from Girly Show blog
the owner of that blog does amazing things with OCCosmetics!

You know what? I want them too! *does the rain dance*
Do you have a drool worthy brand/product on your wishlist??


  1. I LOVE THESE!!!!
    You just need a little bit of product also!!
    And nice to hear they don't use any type of animal products<3

  2. You've re ignited my love of bright colours,I'd heard of occ before but I've been in a neutral make up phases so I've not really paid much attention.XD Thanks for the links.
    I'm currently lusting after NARS and Ben Nye.