Saturday, February 13, 2010

Laura Mercier foundation primer ・ hydrating ☆

With all the natural makeup hype everywhere I ran into new (new to me) brands! (and if you are over 20+ and done experimenting with founations that cover everything up, lol, it just looks better to look super natural, right?!) Recently the brand that I got really interested in is Laura Mercier. I want to try brands that advertise as natural makeup companies, like Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown and bb creams are also a part of the natural trend (but only for light skin unfortunately). I already have foundation, so I decided to try Laura Mercier foundation primer in hydrating version.

I don`t remember for how much I got it, but sth around 35usd. It has 50ml (or 1.70 fl. oz)in a cute simple tube and the primer itself is light pink and has a smell, but it`s not too strong and I don`t mind it. (Usually I prefer non scented cosmetics, but if they have some medicine scent of sth, I don`t mind.) The package says "Perfect for all skin types, laura mercier hydrating foundation primer creates a smooth and invisible layer to prepare and protect the skin. Your foundation will stay fresh all day. Smooth on Hydrating Primer by gently massaging into the surface of your skin. Can be applied over moisturizer or on a clean face before concealer of foundation."

Shelf life 6 months... short! D: Got to use it use quickly ;3
Like the description says, it is smooth and invisible, but feels soooo nice massaged into skin, and spreads so well! Honestly it feels more like a moisturizing lotion cream, than makeup! After I apply it to my face there is no difference in the way it looks, but make up does go on smoother and I think the best thing about it is, it really does feel hydrating, like it locks all the skin care I put on before makeup in my skin. Make up stays all day long and I think it looks a bit smoother than without laura mercier primer. I also think I can see brightening from under my foundation (bb cream). It`s a bit pricey, but I definitely like it a lot and want to get either tinted moisturizer (for summer) or Silk Creme foundation next!

So, to sum up.
Things I like about it:
★ I feel it`s indeed hydrating, my skin feels more relaxed! ★ makeup looks smooth and it stays on fine ★ it looks very natural, there is no fakeish matte, like with heavily silicone based primers ★ feels great when I apply it :D ★ it makes skin look brighter and you can see a delicate brightening up effect from under foundation :o ★ I lovethe packaging and the primer is pink xD
Things I don`t like about it:
☆ it`s expensive! ☆ wth, there is no Laura Mercier store in my country, so I have to order online and it`s harder to choose tight color if buying color cosmetics D: ☆ I wonder if I`ll be able to squeeze out all the product from the tube in the end?
If my review is not enough for you, there`s this kind of hilarious review on youtube: click ;DDD

Overall, I really really like it. It feels so good on my skin and I definitely want to try more Laura Mercier :D 7.5/10 ★★★★★★★⋆☆☆  Do you use any Laura Mercier products?! If you do please share opinions! :D

PS. I placed an order for the mysterious Vitacreme B12 cream! :O I hope it comes fast! (BTW, the prices for it are CRAZY, it actually is more economic for me to order from Japan! WTH!


  1. this is mikannoshiru again!!
    i would like to add you on MSN or something i swear *_* then just giggle with you about makeup hehehe
    i think i found your blog from pupe.
    i bought the normal version of tinted moisturizer.. it was good for me in the summer, but now its too yellow/dark (even in lightest color) T_T bb cream is too light and pink...
    hm i should mix them both XD!!!!

  2. I've not tried Laura Mercier,I've always heard good things thou.I want to try her tinted moisturizer as my Revlon Colourstay feels too cakey for summer.
    Nice review:)

  3. Mikannoshiru☆
    unfortunately I don`t use MSN, but we can always chat here! xD I love makeup and skin care talk :DD so feel free to comment anytime, I will always reply :3 HAve you seen another page I run?
    All about japanese gyaru fashion :D
    You must be really pale! I used to try to be as pale as possible, but some time ago decided it`s not a good look and now I use more natural looking founadations and love a bot of tan on my face :D (too bad I can`t really tan xD)

    (Your name is so pretty btw)
    I`ve been using Revlon colorstay for a looong time too, it`s a very good foundation, covers everything and stays on 8D but now I just want something lighter. For blemishes - concealer, and for the rest of my face, sometimes light and glowy :3 Is it because of a change in me, or because of trends? Who knows! xD