Monday, February 15, 2010

☆ About me!  ☆

I added a mp3 playing application to this blog, so check out my favourite songs!
So, this is my blog about cosmetics, not about me, but I thought it would be only good manners to introduce myself to everyone who comes here to read my ramblings and follows this blog (thank you so much!). So here is a not really flattering pic of me from yesterday (the top one) and then some others:

went grocery shopping and look rather neck-less xDD

me about 20y ago, and my new hair curled with a 19mm curling iron :D

me (on the left) and my sister and friend clubbing in Seoul, summer 2009, I QUIT SMOKING btw :D

visiting Jesus Diamante in Umeda and my true dorky nature I guess xD

I don`t know what you`d want to know about me, so ask in comments if you want to. Here are some basics: 
I live in Poland, my name is Magdalena (nickname Mada), I am 25yo! I have traveled a bit around Europe, and also went to NYC, Holland, Korea and Japan, where I actually lived for 1 year as well (scholarship, I studied japanese studies @ Uni). I really like japanese and korean cosmetics as result of all this. xD I love travelling and experiencing other cultures! I like gyaru fashion and magazines, and japanese magazines are my drug of choice, but I wouldn`t really classify myself as gyaru or anything else, I`m just me. I get inspiration from many things. ☆ I can speak Polish, English, Japanese and some Korean. Right now I`m still kind of studying xD I`d like to be a translator some day.

Recently I cut my hair from very long (you can see in some photos) to a bob inspired by Mori Maya. (first and third photo^^*) I love it!

Oh, and I buy everything I review here myself and I am NOT sponsored and all the things I write here are my honest opinions. Of course it`s all my personal experience, so the cosmetics might work differently for you, don`t trust blindly everything I say, but give some things I write about a try! :) My skin type is dry (before it was mixed type), and I`m pretty light skinned (but not as light as the picture, it`s because of all the snow making me look so white), but I`m not super pale, just light natural I guess. My natural hair color is light brown or very dark blonde, it had a reddish shine in sunlight and currently I color it natural honey blonde.

I guess that`s it. I hope you enjoy my blog! ♡ All the comment and followers make me happy and give me motivation to write more, and I feel like someone is reading my blog, thank you! 
And this post is everything I will post about myself here, so rest assured, so me-me-me spamming on this blog. xDD


  1. I love your short hair, Mada. It suits you so well!

  2. Aah by the first pic I was thinking that if you are not american, then you has to be german :DD haha well polish you were, but yes this was interesting to see who is behind all these nice reviews =)

  3. very cute of u =)
    think i have another fav blog to be bookmarked now
    keep up ur good work!