Thursday, February 18, 2010

JELLY & Happie Nuts april issues

Those magazines are in bookstores and conbini from Feb 17th! Love the covers! ♡
Also can you see how there are both orange (Jelly) and pink (Happie) blushes used on cover models? (Who are Koda Kumi and Sayoko Ozaki btw).

JELLY 2010.04 cover

Happie Nuts 2010.04 cover!
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It`s silly though, that the issues released in february are april issues! It would make more sense if they were march issues, since they are released on 17th each month, but april... Anyway, I will probably get both those magazines but in a month, when may issues are released too, so I can get april and may HM and JELLY, all 4 issues together. *^^* Yay!


  1. god I love boths covers!! Wish i could get my hands on those ♥

  2. They both look good:) I think Im gonna have to investigate getting a subscription to JELLY thou,love that mag now.
    Its odd how they release magazines.