Friday, February 12, 2010

MAC nudy lipstick: Creme Cup (and Myth and Siss)

I got paid yesterday and went i do a little shopping! ☆ I got MAC Creme Cup lipstick!

Since last summer, I started getting nudy lipsticks from MAC, because I saw them on gyaru all the time, and since my (now cured) addiction to 小悪魔Ageha said MAC lippies are good I went and bought Myth! Actually, it`s a funny story, I convinced my sister to get me Myth as a present, when we were in Seoul, Korea. Then I bought myself Siss in Kyoto, Japan. And yesterday I got Creme Cup from MAC in Warsaw, Poland. xD What international lipstick collection! xD Anyway, here are my nudy lipsticks from MAC:

from left Myth, Creme Cup, Siss

from left Creme Cup, Myth, Siss

Myth is pretty much almost my skin color, with a bit of very light powdery pink-beige color, if you are going for a very strong eye makeup, it works best, with a sparkling gloss over it (sth like dazzleglass from MAC) it looks great! ♡ Siss is a darker nudy beige, I use it when I want to wear natural brown/beige tones on my eyes and lips and I use orange-ish blush with it, it looks really nice and kind of "grown up" IMO. And then Creme Cup is a super cute baby pink color! :D It would look lovely with pretty much any makeup, also with natural style. For gyaru makeup it would create a cute baby face like this. Well, maybe... xD

MAC lipsticks so far have been great for me! Actually I only used gloss `till I stumbled upon those, and they made me change my mind! The quality is great, there are many different kinds of finish to try. I only tried Satin - Myth, Siss and Cremesheen - Creme Cup, Satin is a full coverage matte finish and Cremesheen is also full coverage, but more creamy and has a bit of gloss to it, really cute and moisturising. ^^* All MAC lipsticks smell like vanilla, and I don`t even like vanilla scent, but those lipsticks are OK for me! Also, MAC lipsticks are 3 g / 0.1 oz and retails for 14usd in USA! (Of course they are more expensive where I live, around 25usd... `OTL)

Anyway, get a MAC lipstick! You will not regret it! v(*^o^*)/

Coming up shopping from MAC? Definitely Viva Glam lipsticks (swatches from temptalia)! Colabo between MAC and Cindi Lauper and Lady Gaga! I want them both! :DDDD And the campaign it promotes is a good one too, safe sex and beautiful lipsticks, there`s only happiness in that mix :)
(Oh, btw, I cured my addiction to Ageha, but now I got addicted to JELLY *fail*)


  1. Oh my, I think I've just fallen in love with that lipstick collab with Cyndi Lauper!!;_; But Mac lippies are so expensive here too...
    I love the Creme Cup, too. I've been wanting a baby pink lipstick for such a long time! I have to be careful with the shades though, most cool tones don't look good on me with my yellow undertones x_x.

  2. I've always been tempted by Myth but I think it's too dark for me:( Oh well I've got some other good lip sticks find to replace it:)
    Nice post thou,makes me want to try cream cup.
    I think Im addicted to JELLY too now:O

  3. myth looks so bad on me ;-;
    same with fleshpot
    and siss
    i am so bad with nudes
    i dont even look good with cremecup!! ;A; (but i look good with angel, similar color)

    alsoo!! i love ageha, and jelly a LOT!! but popteen is still my fave ;-; sighh~~ macccmakeuupp<333

    i loooooove** peachstock though!! i actually managed to get one of those ;-;! <33

  4. Gurololi☆
    The new Viva Glam lipsticks are both so cute! :D And I never had lustre finish lipstick before, so if I can get them when they are released here I will try to :D

    How can Myth be too dark for someone..? It`s one MACs lightests lipsticks! xD But if you say so... I really wonder why you think it`s too dark for you! :) I think a lipstick that exactly matches skin color would make someone look sick, a bit of pink is +++ :3

    Really? xD What is your skin tone? :) I`m a pale blonde (currently blonde ;)) and I like how they look on me, I guess it`s also a matter of getting used to it and preferences. :)
    I really want Peachstock too! Momoeri uses it! (But it`s pro only and I have to buy it from abroad for crazy money! :o)

  5. i am quite lightyellowy ... skin! hmm. o.o hard to say xD but i am lighter than i am dark!? hehe
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes i didnt know it was a pro color!! D: i didnt know fleshpot was too sigh sigh
    i want the gaga lustre lipstick really badly
    but i recently went on project ten pan cuz i am poor!! and i cant buy anymore makeup
    i heard gaga is around for a year though? *_* i'll check~~

    but where did you find out momoeri uses peachstock? *O*

    oh a reason why i cant use myth very well is because my lips are quite dark underneath
    and myth is a bit about the same as my skin.. ;_;

  6. I'm very pale I wear Revlon~Ivory foundation and think I'm probably a NW15 or 20 in MAC.
    To me Myth looks like it would look like I was applying dark foundation to my lips,however I am rethinking my myth thoughts.I asked at the counter recently and she didn't say it wouldn't suit me,I'll give it a go next time I'm there:)

  7. Namine
    I don`t know if you are into gyaru makeup, but that`s exavtly what you`d want to achieve with nudy lipstick for that kind of makeup - cover your natural lip color and make your lips look completely nude! :) I guess it`s a question of preference. ^^ See here, that`S what I`m talking about:
    Practically no color on lips is what I like to achieve with nudy lipstick :)

    at first I was surprised with how it looked on me, just foundation and myth (no eyemakeup and no gloss) it made me look like I was dead... xDDDD but when you add a strong eye and sparkling gloss over it (and blush doesn`t hurt) it looks just really lovely and really helps achieve the looks from gyaru mags :3

  8. I would like to buy Mac Siss, Mac lipsticks are my favorites ^___^ <3