Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tiny Sephora and Canmake haul *^^* Canmake Cream Cheek intro

Hi guys! (Czesc Gosia ;D)

Yesterday a small letter arrived from Japan and inside were my 2 Canmake cream blushers! I ordered colors #1 and #4 from ichibankao and as always they arrived safe and quickly. And since I went to Warsaw to meet up with my dear girl friends and get updates yesterday♡, I bought a lipstick brush at Sephora too. It`s not retractable, but it is very soft and looks well made, all black and sleek and it was affordable - 25pln only (8,45usd)! I will look for a retractable lipstick brush too at another time, yesterday I also went to look at drug stores (none) and INGLOT too, but it was 65pln. I didn`t even go to MAC, because it would be even more expensive I guess... I wasn`t ready to spend this much on a lip brush, since first I want to see if I will even use it regularly; If I do, I will invest in a good retractable one I can carry around too. BTW, the shop girls in Sephora were so nice yesterday, I`m impressed. Good service is 60% of success. ;) 

BTW, they are having this promotion on Sephora makeup in march - with a purchase over 59pln you get a 10pln discount (Sephora brand items only). I also got a tester (smoothing primer), I used this once and quite liked it when I had mixed skin, but I`m not sure if it will work for my dry skin now..? And I`m not a big fan of this silicone-y film feeling on skin neither. D: Here`s my tiny haul:

My VW hand towel is a nice background, eh? ; )

Ichibankao also sent me a generous sample of Kanebo Blanchir Superior cream soap, yay! Whitening face cleanser, how did they know the things I want to invest in next are 1) a good eye cream 2) whitening skin care? lol (And I mean invest, I`m looking into Estee Lauder eye creams and serums, got to save up!) The Blanchir Superior soap is super creamy and foams up like crazy, the foam feels really soft and nice and when I washed it of my face was literally squeaky clean. Also feels like 15ml will go a long way! So, thank You ichibankao, I`ll enjoy it. ^^ Who doesn`t love freebies and testers! ☆

My EOTD yesterday! I cut up volume-type lashes and glued on 3 cut up pieces on outer corner of each eye. I used MAC gel eyeliner, Rimmel sexy curves mascara, Visee palette in A-2 and CHANEL ombre d`eau in white as my base. On brows, KATE eyebrow palette, BiBo eyebrow pencil and Palty eyebrow mascara. ^^ Missha Oriental Herbs BB cream and MAC select moisture cover in NC20, no powder (skin too dry and the bb cream has a powdery finish alredy)

I think I will make a separate entry about the blushes, they are so cute! The diamond-like polished boxed are cute and light, the blushes look sparkly (#1 the pink one is not as sparkly as #4 the orange one). They are cream blushes, but after applying and massaging into skin they turn into powder consistency. They spread easily and sparkle delicately, it just looks like a natural flush, healthy... and the orange color is a challenge! xD I also think they would work great as eyeshadows and lipstick because they are creamy yet powdery after application! (I applied the pink one to my lips, it was 100% covering and matte, such a pretty baby pink color too~ I topped it with a KATE pink sparkly gloss and wow, was I surprised :o Looked so nice! And stayed on really well too.)

Canmake cream cheek #4 and #1.

BTW, I have a new phone, Samsung Avila, it came free with my 2y contract. ^^* It`s a touch screen phone (plays music well and you can watch movies on it too). I`m still getting used to it, but it has a triple screen so I had to use all my favorite JELLY girls as wallpaper! :D

Recently I`m on a big Kato Miliyah kick, looove her voice, lyrics and fashion style! ☆ マジで可愛い過ぎますね♡ If you don`t know her, here`s a sample:

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  1. Mada you really make me wanna buy more produsts all the time xD haha Today I boght an eyeshadow and an eyebrow mascara thing ?? I bought it fo rthe fisrt time.. is Sephora a polish Brand too ? I don´t know, sorry for asking xD
    I will be in Polande for one day on 1st of March and I will definately will have to go to some shopping center and search there for nice Make Up, eyeshadows whatever xD

    The Link is very useful ! Thanks for sharing, and the Pices include Shipping ? Cool :D And they have Anna Sui, I looove Anna Sui ;_;

    Yay I´m lookiung forward to the blush entry, I love orange blushes :D
    Your new phone is also nice, keep on posting :)