Thursday, February 11, 2010

my new Missha Oriental Herbs BB cream ♪

ATTENTION: New post about this BB cream from spring 2011 is HERE!! :D 
You can read both :DDD

Guys, I love bb creams!!! Bb creams were the biggest hit for me in 2009, especially because there were tons of them around to test and buy! 笑 Unfortunately my skin has turned super dry now, but still bb creams really help, they help keep the moisture from cream in my skin and smooth it out and are one of the few foundation/foundation bases that don`t get stuck in open pores, but cover them! For oily skin, they might now take care of the shine, but with some powder, it should be fine. (the best one for oily skin was missha perfect cover for me!)

Unfortunately bb creams usually come in one or two shades, and the lighter one is really light, and the darker one is too ochre for me, it`s more suited to asian tanned skin I guess... `OTL But actually the lighter color is still okay for me and even bb creams from the same maker have completely different shades, so you can stil try till you get a good match! And the most important, they are made to blend with your natural skin color! So if you have light skin, give bb cream a try! I am sorry to all the dark skinned girls, hopefully korean brands will make a dark bb cream too, but since it`s marketed for korean women... don`t know about that. :/
Anyway, I plan to use bb cream in summer too! It looked quite good on my tanned skin as well :) Or you can use it as a base and then put darker foundation on it and tadaa~ ☆

Actually I have a couple bb creams at home:
MISSHA M Pertect Cover Blemish Balm BB Cream #21 (red tube)
MISSHA M Original BB Blemish Balm Multi Function Cream (silver tube)
MISSHA M VITA Sun Care & BB Multi Function Cream (golden tube - this broke me out!! but my sister is okay :/)
Missha M B.B BB Boomer Primer Cream
MISSHA M Shiny B.B BB (SPF27 PA++) Cream (darkest of them all)
Missha Oriental Herb Medicine Gold Care BB Cream #1 (my newest one and a bit of a splurge actually :3)

My newest baby is Oriental Herbs bb cream and I loooove it!
It`s also know as Choboyan series or 美思 line. This line also had very herbal smelling skin care products, a full line up, and from the testers, I really like it! Recently I got a tester of the Choboyan cream in the dark blue container and it was just amazing!!! It was like thick honey in consistency :ooo But back on topic ;)

It is advertised as packed full of oriental herbs and has lots of patented solutions and ingredients. That definitely appeals to me. It`s supposed to work as anti-wrinkle and whitening care and has 30 PA++ sunblock! Also has anti-aging, anti-trouble (patented) and anti-oxydation (patented) ingredients. The ingredients Missha advertises most are wild korean ginseng, gold powder, antlers extract and them tons of oriental herbs. :3 Honestly, this makes me feel a bit luxurious. ;D This bb cream feels more like foundation than bb cream! I don`t think I would use it as a foundation base, like I did with other bb creams. It has very good buildable coverage and matte finish. Personally I like bb creams for this healthy shine they give, and this one could have more of that, but oh well, can`t have everything I guess! (Or can I..?? :3 Always looking for the perfect thing! lol) I still think it makes my skin look smooth and healthy and hmm... I think elegant too!
Other things, I love the packaging, it`s sooo pretty, with the pattern and golden-brown gradation! :D There is 50ml, but if feels like there`s less... or maybe I`m just being cheap, cause it was the most expensive bb cream I ever bought. xD Including shipping it should cost you a little bit less than 30usd, don`t overpay!! Other bb creams I have are from 10usd up! Look at eBay. :)

This year it`s Missha`s 10th anniversary and they released new products, Signature line, with a new bb cream: Missha M Signature real complete BB cream. It looks similar to Perfect cover bb cream, but has lots more healthy stuff inside and is paraben free, non-chemical free, mineral oil free, GMO free, triclosan free, benzophenone free and alcohol free. Dunno, sounds impressive, but for now I`m good with my oriental herbs ♡ Happy anniversary to Missha! They started out as a small internet base brand and grew taking advice from customers and asking question online, what a great story. :)

If someone is interested I can do side by side comparison of my bb creams! Sorry I only have Missha, it`s the brand that appealed to me most. :D If I was buying another bb cream I would try Banilla bb cream! :D


  1. I tried a sample of the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream and was seriously impressed with it! I've never had a foundation cover that well but still look so natural. Once I run out of my current foundation, I think I might get it.

    Oh, and that reminds me, Kumikki used Missha Oriental Herbs BB Cream for her look on the cover of the March issue of Popteen! If you haven't seen it, take a look here:

    I really like the circle lenses she's wearing, too. X333

  2. I used to use Perfect cover before too and liked it a lot! It stays fresh looking all day and covers oily parts pretty good too... but now with dry skin it`s too powdery on me (T_T) and it creases into powder aruond my nose and makes me look too dry.
    Luckily, Oriental Herbs BB cream doesn`t do that and I`m really happy with it. I am just wondering if I should get color 2 as well, because color 1 is very light~ Maybe I could mix them together! ;D

    Thanks for the scan! :D That`s cute makeup and the lenses look so pretty <3 Too bad most of them are made for brown eyes and I have green xD

  3. I've been dying to try this bb cream out! finally I see a review now I'll definitely get it and hope I like it!! It's a lil too expensive but I guess I can spend more than 30 bucks for a bb cream!!