Sunday, February 21, 2010

INGLOT shop in NYC!?

OMG, so I didn`t even know about it, but Inglot, which is a really well known (in Poland) Polish cosmetics brand, opened a big store in NYC! I don`t really know much about the cosmetics, because I haven`t used them in a couple years, but I looove their nail polishes! You must try their nail products, cheap and really good :)
I actually went to their store at a big shopping center in Warsaw recently and looked around curious, soooo many products to chose from it`s almost overwhelming. Everything is out for people to try though, arranged by product and color, the women in the store I visited were helpful too...! but the woman who assisted me, her makeup was hmm.... not my taste. Imagine guidette kind of tan/black hair/makeup, zomg no thank you! xD please change to more professional looking people :o lol!
Anyway, lots of highly pigmented colors, give it a try I guess! ;) 

Here`s a nice tour of the shop from youtube from EnKore Makeup chanel!

Maybe I should try more Inglot products! Try their nail polish, it`s really good. And just generally proud of a polish company making international career! Yay! Apparently the brand is pretty popular in Dubai and Australia! :o They have 60 boutiques all around the world.

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