Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Moisturising routine!♡

Hello! (It`s snowing like crazy outside!)
I have dry skin and it`s winter here, so everyday my main focus in skincare is to moisturize!
The best thing ever for me is HadaLabo Gokujun series with hyaluronic acid. It feel just perfect on skin an keeps it moisturized all day long. ♡ After applying it my skin feels sticky, but I love it. I feel like my skin drinks up just any cream and foundation I put on it after I use Gokujun series. Definitely my favorite! It`s made by ROHTO, a huge japanese company and they have a cute website for the series: The prices are really affordable, so you can just splash as much toner on your face as you want without regrets. ;) All products are around 1000yen. :D
I use toner and lotion from this series, and sheet masks once a week, when I have moolah to buy it. It`s a japanese brand, so I have to order it from eBay or and they do custom orders even if you want sth that`s not on their site, like Gokujun series. (BTW, I`m not sposored, those are all my own opinions! xD). I want to get something else from this series! Maybe face wash?? :) I read good reviews for it.

Another favorite is Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè (also known as 24-Hour Miracle Cream). I decided to try it because it is on every japanese magazine (and I`m a big fan of those! :D) and my model friend told me they use this on runway models, and generally I only heard good things about it. They also have a dry skin version for this, maybe I`ll try it next time. But this one is also very good and perfect to wear under makeup! It`s from France and it costs 10-15euro, depending on where you buy it. In Japan they advertise this as a primer-cream for some reason. You can also use it to remove makeup, but I thin it would be a waste, even though they pack a generous 75ml in the metal tube. :D

You can easily buy it in France and Japan, and Embryolisse also has a site for USA. Other than that I think it`s pretty hard to find, but definitely try it! Ask a friend or use a shopping service to get it. :) (BTW, that`s the old packaging, now they redesigned it and it look a bit different, but that`s the design I have at home and like. ;))

OK, now advice for special care for extra dry skin follows:
Another cream I used and like was SVR xerial 5 creme and liked it a lot. It`s very rich and can be shiny, but since I have dry skin, if I wait 10 minutes and then apply makeup it`s really OK. Usually I used it at night though. There is also a light - day version - of this cream and I recommend it.
But if you have very very dry skin, the best thing is just to put a thick layer of the traditional NIVEA cream or NIVEA bambino, which is good for newborn babies too and has less conservants and feels better on my face. Also Linomag is good! It`s basically vitamine F oil like fat cream and it`s 2usd for 30ml, it`s as simple as it gets and you should just slap in on your face at night, after other creams you use and wake up in the morning feeling... well, not dry. ;) (Remember this is advice for dry/very dry skin! Other skin types should also moisturize, but with right cosmetics :))

My another secret BFF is hyaluronic acid in pure form! I buy pure 1% hyaluronic acid in a "make your own cream" kind of shop, with many cosmetics ingriedients, and 65ml is around 5usd and I use it like a serum after toner and lotion and before cream and makeup, and it really makes a difference and guys, I love it! (I will write more about it in another entry). There are lots of creams with hyaluronic acid sold for sooo much money, like HA is some kind of a secret magical ingredient, but it`s NOT! Don`t ever pay!! Try to look for pure HA and use it as a serum or mix with your favourite cream or face mask! You will love it - also it is see through, has no smell and it`s impossible to get an allergic reaction to it, because it`s naturally in our skin as well. It`s also used in plastic surgery and can be injected into joints like knees to help fight pain - but that`s a completely different use. For beauty, the best way to use HA is to take supplements with it and to put it on your skin. It will keep moisture in and we all know well moisturized skin = less wrinkles!

Phew, that was a long entry, but I really care a lot about moisturising my skin now. If you have any advice or questions, comment! ♡

BTW, I went to MAC and exchanged my NW15 select moisturecover concealer to NC20 and the color match is soooo much better! The NW15 just made me look white, while NC20 blends in with my skin color pretty good. Ah, great cutomer service, MAC!


  1. A friend of mine who's traveling to Paris soon will get me a tube of the Embryolisse cream :D I can't wait to test it since I've ran out of the moisturizer I usually use, and I want to try something less sticky. I will write a review after I use it for some weeks, to share how it works on my sensitive skin~

  2. Ooh, lucky You! :D
    This one is not sticky at all, so I think you`ll like it! there is also a dry skin version and I want to try that too :3 Hope to see your reviews soon!