Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 Spring cheek colors (*^o^*)

Spring is coming! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
(it`s hard to believe with sooo much snow everywhere posted introductions for spring cheek colors from many different brands! Pink is always popular, but this spring, the new trend is orange and other vivid , "happy" colors, sparkly violet from MAC mineralize series, "orange carrot" from Candy Doll, Matsuwaka Tsubasa`s colabo cosmetics line, pastel and baby pinks and oranges from CanMake cream blushers~ It just looks so colorful, healthy and happy! ♡

BTW, did you know that CanMake cream blushers are recently always in the top 3 in ranking! For a long time it was no1 too, now they are no2 after Jill Stuart blush. ^^*

Anyway, today I ordered 2 colors, #1 peach dream☆ and #4 vitamin orange☆. Reviews say this blush has tiny pieces of glitter in it, how exciting, can`t wait for them to arrive so I can test them and review them here. Doesn`t the name vitamin orange sound so good? :D

When they come I will make a post with all my blushes - I have 2 from Revlon, 1 Canmake powder blush, 1 Canmake bronzer/highlighter set, MAC mineralize skinfinish in porcelain pink and I sometimes use my Dior lipstick in Rose Energie as cream blush, as it`s it rather sheer and looks nice on cheeks too. *^^* BTW, did any of You notice, that Revlon blushes are different in Japan and rest of the world? The blushes Revlon sells in Japan have tiny pieces of glitter and it looks so cute on skin, but when I got a Revlon blush in USA a long time ago is was matte and didn`t show up on skin at all and I threw it away... (O_o`) But the Revlon blushes I got in Japan? Love them! 
What`s up with that?

spring collection blushes fron CanMake, RMK, MAC (photos from

So, are you getting any new blushes for spring? If so, what colors? What do you thin about orange or violet for cheeks? ☆ Thanks for reading~♡ 


  1. Does ship to the United states. I also can't speak Japanese so maybe the have something for international visitors?

  2. Basically is a review/ranking/news website about makeup and skin care, pretty much like ^^
    They do offer some shopping, but they don`t ship outside Japan:
    Q12 海外にも発送できますか?

    So, you can find japanese cosmetics at many web stores shiping internationally or ebay. ^^
    If you want to read reviews, try using online translator :D

  3. I'm not fond of the idea of orange and violet blushes on me but I think they could look good on other people.
    I've got pink and peach blushes and I've got my eye on NARS orgasm blush .