Saturday, February 6, 2010

japanese magazines: JELLY & Happie Nuts 2010.03 issues

Here`s a little preview of current issues of Happie Nuts and JELLY. If you want to see more, visit my tumblr, it`s about japanese gyaru fashion: Here are some pages not posted at tumblr!

JELLY march issue:

The biggest makeup trend is still natural makeup! If you can, no foundation, or at least a very natural looking skin, natural looking fake lashes, natural colors. :) For spring, a lot of gyaru magazines also push pink lips, and I love it. Yamamoto Yuuki is one of my favorite models too. :D

How to get cute hairstyles and curls with a straightening iron! I want to cut my hair like Mori Maya sooo bad! :3

And now Happie Nuts march issue:

Of course this is my blog about cosmetics and makeup, so I had to upload this page! :D It`s a ranking of repeat-buy products and 神コスメ (god-cosmetics, it is a word to express something best ever ;)). I use Gokujun series (top right) and Isoflabon series from Sana also looks interesting! ☆ Bihada Ichizoku 美肌一族 sheet masks are really nice, but I won`t invest in them - I have my eye on many other and more affordable sheet masks :D

Spring fashion trends, girly vintage and 80s mode. Cute☆

I just really liked this page. :) The model on the right is Hiromi, she is from The Philippines and very popular among Happie Nuts models! :) So, that`s it for now and if you want to see mor japanese magazines go look at ^^* If you want to see latest EGG preview, go to Keikk`s blog:★-egg-★-32010/


  1. hello, who is the model in the 3rd picture on the very right ?

  2. It is Miho Ishigami, aka Mipo, and she used to be a Ranzuki model ^^ She is not a regular JELLY model I think.
    Here`s her blog

  3. i so love your blog, too ! and i liked of this post as JELLY is my top fave gyaru mag. They've got the best models.
    Also i must give you some feedback about your blog! Your texts are very good and actually i didn't notice how much smileys you put in there at first but they sure did make the atmosphere higher even if i didn't notice them for the first time =))) keep up the good work!

  4. Hahah, emoticons abuse... I try to use as little as possible xD But in lighter posts, I can go a bit crazy. I try no to use to many in reviews because I want to keep reviews simple and "professional" lol. ;D
    Thank you for the kind words! <33 English is my second language, so it means even more to me!

  5. Hello, do you know if Hiromi has a blog? I find her very unique and interesting! :D
    Btw, thanks to your blog, I think I am interested in the MAC MSF!

  6. I think she has blog on ameba but it`s private, at least I saw rumors like that on mixi. So can`t help you, sorry!

    If you like MSF definitely go to a store and swatch them first :D