Tuesday, February 9, 2010

my favorite "creative makeup" youtuber

Ah! The magical land of youtube videos, helping you understand anything you are not sure about or just providing silly entertainment for years now! ;D There are also soooo many interesting makeup chanels too, like the lovely pros of Pixiwoo or super collectors like Fuzzkitie, but my favorite makeup video uploader of all times is MANWOMANFILM!
Her videos are like a trip to happy-land for me :D Her makeup is also amazing, sooo creative and colorful! Her videos are beautifully edited and she it so funny and pretty too. :3 Definitely not every day looks for me, but amazing none the less. Also, music in her videos tends to be awesome... and she just uploaded a new video, so look and subscribe and gimme a high five for recomending it to You. xD

Hamsters, they be cute ;D (my favorite video by Her is probably the "flight attendant" (love m-flo!) and "conservative") Enjoy!

BTW, I just made homemade tofu, yum yum. If you are wondering how, here are good instructions.